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-===== Introduction to Data Science (IDS) =====+===== Introduction to Data Science (IDS) Curriculum ​=====
 Your one-stop page for IDS curriculum materials. Scroll down to see everything that is available. Your one-stop page for IDS curriculum materials. Scroll down to see everything that is available.
 ====Download the IDS Curriculum==== ====Download the IDS Curriculum====
-[[https://​www.mobilizingcs.org/​ids-request|Introduction to Data Science v 4.0]]+[[https://​www.mobilizingcs.org/​ids-request|Introduction to Data Science v 5.0]]
 ====Loading RStudio® Labs==== ====Loading RStudio® Labs====
-Click [[https://​wiki.mobilizingcs.org/​rstudio/​load_labs | HERE.]] to learn how to load the labs.+Click [[https://​wiki.idsucla.org/​rstudio/​load_labs | HERE]] to learn how to load the labs.
-==== Target Story ==== +==== Videos and Electronic Resources====
-A brief video discussing data collection practices by large corporations.+
-Watch the video [[http://​youtu.be/​XvSA-6BJkx4|HERE.]]+To access a full list of links to the videos and electronic resources referenced in the curriculum, go to our Video and Electronic Resources Links page.
-Download the video [[https://​ucla.box.com/​s/​g02q1nddg5pe8d1g8x9524h3n9jjvbks|HERE.]]+[[links to videos|Links to Videos and Electronic Resources]]
-====Unit 1 Links==== 
-[[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=ZcjtEKNP05c|Lesson 1 : Terms and Conditions Video]] 
-[[https://​youtu.be/​I0vYwqkoktM|Lesson 6 : Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolutionvideo clip]] 
-[[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=xekEXM0Vonc|Lesson 8 : Value of Data Visualization video]] 
-[[http://​www.nytimes.com/​interactive/​2009/​07/​31/​business/​20080801-metrics-graphic.html?​_r=0|Lesson 15 : New York Times multimedia graphic titled How Different Groups Spend Their Time]] 
-[[https://​www.washingtonpost.com/​postlive/​teens-are-spending-more-time-consuming-media-on-mobile-devices/​2013/​03/​12/​309bb242-8689-11e2-98a3-b3db6b9ac586_story.html|Lesson 15: The Washington Post article Teens Are Spending More Time Consuming Social Media, on Mobile Devices]] 
-[[http://​www.cbsnews.com/​news/​how-americans-eat-today/​|Project : How Americans Eat Today]] 
-[[https://​www.washingtonpost.com/​news/​to-your-health/​wp/​2014/​08/​04/​why-do-we-still-eat-this-way|Project : Why do we still eat this way?]] 
-[[http://​www.usatoday.com/​story/​money/​business/​2014/​09/​29/​snacking-consumer-eating-habits-nielsen/​16263375/?​siteID=je6NUbpObpQ-3jFHwYITZ99FE23ytK_q9g|Project : Americans Snack Differently Than Other Nations]] 
-[[http://​www.theatlantic.com/​education/​archive/​2015/​01/​the-surprising-amount-of-time-kids-spend-looking-at-screens/​384737/​|Project : The Surprising Amount of Time Kids Spend Looking at a Screen]] 
-[[http://​www.cbsnews.com/​news/​youths-spend-7-plus-hours-day-consuming-media/​|Project : Youths Spend 7+ Hours/Day Consuming Media]] ​